About Wild Child

Please excuse us while we transition from being a packed and spread out brick & mortar store to being a sweet, to the point little website with only our most loved products.  We are revamping our selection and our website and will have a grand opening in a few months time. Please stay tuned.

About Wild Child

We offer you a curated collection of a few of our favorite things. Some are USA made, organic cotton or bamboo. Some are one-of-a-kind, handmade or just cool & quirky. Lots of our collection is fair trade made. All is fun, unique, useful & special. We like it.

Why Shop Wild Child?

oh, just because we care. About everything.

What We Know

Finally, what is the difference between 2T and 24months, 4 and 4T? What does the “T” mean? And if you’ve read this far, you deserve the answer. Sometimes there’s a difference and sometimes not. Every company cuts their clothing differently and even within that company, the styling can have an effect on the way something fits. The “T” actually stands for “Toddler” and is completely meaningless in sizing. Oh and guess what, some companies just dispense with that nonsense all together, their sizing is 18mo, 2,3,4,5,6 etc.. That’s sensible. I mean, how old is a 24mo old child compared to a 2yo? Sorry to burst any bubbles out there but I think there’s way too much uptightness about baby clothing. In our shop, some customers spent a lot of time agonizing about buying the perfect style, size, color for a new baby gift. A week later the new mom brings it all back for exchange. My 2cents, don’t worry, don’t overthink. It’ll be fine.

You’re welcome.