About Wild Child

About Wild Child

Wild Child has been selling natural fiber baby and children’s clothing, toys and accessories since 1981. We started out with our trademark Wild Child clothes that are our own exclusive line of mix and match garment dyed clothing including  tops, bottoms, hats, dresses, and accessories. The high quality professional dyes we use are non-toxic, permanent & brilliant. Lots of young moms out there have grown up on these brightly dyed & colorful clothes! 

Wild Child  is committed to selling non-sweat shop labor items, so some of our clothes are USA made and the imported items on our website are screened for sustainability and social responsibility to the extent possible. Sometimes we just have to trust that other people care and are doing the right thing.

Our goal is to bring to you all in one place the most interesting combination of children’s items anywhere (you won’t find our brand in the big stores!).
 Many thanks to our oldest son Jonah who did this website for us and continually works on it, middle son Dante who has worked in the store, and Jules (& wife Gris) who is involved in the store at present and is a wonderful addition to the business (you all know and love him- we’ve been told!) Finally a BIG thank you to Christine who has lent some of her amazing talents to the store over the years.  This business has been an adventurous and fun challenge and we’ve loved every minute of it.

– Renee and Bill West

Why Shop Wild Child?

We are always looking for new, interesting, useful and unique products for you. We try to have a little bit of the best of everything, with some items exclusive to us (we make them) We do beautiful multi color tie dye too, including onesies, blankets, hats, socks, tees and dresses for babies.

We are a small business and are beholden to no shareholders, so we do this business because we believe in what we do and the products we sell.  Our decisions are based on you the customer, ourselves and our future.  We try to prioritize fair trade and organic products. We care about how we do business on this beautiful planet of ours.

We are proud to have 80% of Wild Child dyed clothing made in the USA, organic or both. Organic is better in so many different ways. We support companies that are trying to do the right thing so we hope you will support them too by supporting us.

Some of our favorite brands that we carry are  Desigual, Aden and Anais, Kickee Pants, Twirly Girl, Nano, Haba, Plan Toys, Robeez, City Threads, Mimi & Maggie, Milkbarn, Apple Park, Global Mamas,  Lazyone, Mountain Tees,  eeboo, Mudpuppy and Minga Imports, and Flaphappy.

We so appreciate your patronage and are  grateful for all your kind words and for allowing us to continue serving you and letting us be a tiny part of your lives.

(Renee ramblings: I don’t believe colors are the domain of any gender, boy or girl. Boys can wear pink and fuschia, and they look good in it. Even the term “gender neutral” is odd, because it presumes that purple or pink flowered clothing is automatically not gender neutral.  I mean, boys can love flowers, colors and even cooking(!).  Babies don’t know this stuff, we condition them that way.  Try explaining to a little boy who likes pink, why he can’t. Just follow that discussion in you’re head and realize that it’s nonsensical.  We won’t carry any “personalized” clothes or items because then only one baby can ever use the item. Forget passing it down to someone else to use, or your next child. Too wasteful and we’ve got to minimize that on this shrinking planet.  OK, I’m done.)

One last thing. We know the answer to that often asked question-“What is the difference between 2T and 24months, 4 and 4T?” What does the “T” mean? And if you’ve read this far, you deserve the answer. Sometimes there is a difference and sometimes not, every company cuts their clothing differently. “T” stands for Toddler, which also means nothing in sizing.  It’s a industry wide plot to sell more product. The “T” is meaningless, so don’t fall for it ((: <3