Wild Child Tie Dyed Bigloveylittleblankie or…It’s A Blanket! It’s A Lovey!


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Pre-shrunk, recycled all cotton, and hand dyed with permanent low impact nontoxic dyes.  We hand dye these curl edged pieces of cotton jersey to make into a perfect size colorful blankie to use in the stroller, carseat or sitting on the couch reading. (how about a superhero cape!)  Each appx. 31×38″. Pre-shrunk. Knot the corners! Tie the corners for a big kid cape, or cut into 4 exact pieces to make 4 toddler capes (sew ribbons to 2 corners, use as party favors!), hang on the wall, cut into small strips and sew ends to make stretchy headbands, cut into narrow strips to make a buncha tie dye strings.  Stretch the cut edges to make into an unraveling finished curl. Play with this thing. Or just leave it be.