On Sizing & Care



On sizing, a rule of thumb is to get one number bigger than the age. Why? Because you might want some growth room.  Babies and kids grow EVERY SINGLE DAY, just a little. And if your child is exceptionally large or small, well then adjust accordingly. And usually bigger is better because if it’s too small- not going to work. If it’s a little too big, the kiddo will grow into it in no time. If you like things to fit today, buy the size number of their age. If any item runs really small or really big, we’ll let you know that in the description. Any of our own brand of garment dyed items, whether solid or tie dyed have gone thru a hot wash and dry, so preshrunk for you!

Clothing Care

Our own brand is hand dyed with non toxic, low impact, color fast dyes (and loving care). The professional quality dyes produce brilliant colors that are permanent and non fade. They are pre-shrunk in the dying process and retain most of their beautiful color even after many washings. Launder like all other bright clothing, no extra special care needed. All other garments will have laundering instructions.

Basic Guidelines:

  • Machine wash and dry, warm or cold water. Remove from dryer promptly and fold or hang to minimize wrinkles-no need to iron. It’s highly recommended not to over-dry. The dryer can be harsh on clothes! All that lint? Little bits of your clothing.
  • Use normal color sorting procedure, wash dark colors separately from light and white. (Reds are the most likely to bleed. We usually wash reds, pinks and purples together without problems.)
  • No bleach!
  • Soaking not recommended unless done separately (items may bleed in small amounts of soaking water).
  • We don’t make guarantees for “color safe” bleach, sprays or pre-treatments (they do that). We also don’t make any guarantees for detergent brands and their claims (they do that too) and may or may not alter colors and fabrics.
  • Now that we’ve got you freaked out about soap and water, my motto… don’t worry, it’ll be fine.

And just for your amusement. What is the difference between 2T and 24months, 4 and 4T?  Sometimes there’s a difference and sometimes not. Every company cuts their clothing differently and even within that company, there’s different styling that can have an effect on the way something fits. What does the “T” mean? The “T” actually stands for “Toddler” and is completely meaningless in clothing sizing. Oh and guess what, some companies just dispense with that nonsense all together, their sizing goes 18mo, 2,3,4,5,6 etc.. Makes sense to me. I mean, how old is a 24mo old child compared to a 2yo?  In our shop, some customers spent a lot of time agonizing about buying the perfect style, size, color for a new baby gift. A week later the new mom brings it all back for exchange. But you know what I think… don’t sweat it, make your best choice. They’ll love it.

Please email us if you have any further questions.